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March 22, 2010

Choose Your Toilets Wisely

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Although toilets are not the most glamorous items in the bathroom, they are definitely the most necessary. Sure, the sink, bathtub, and shower are also important, but most people who visit your home won�t use the bath or shower, and they may not pay a second thought to the bathroom sink. The toilet, on the other hand, can make a big difference. If you have an attractive, modern toilet with all the cutting edge plumbing fixtures and a comfortable seat, people will definitely take notice.

Before shopping for toilets, the first thing you should do is take measurements. Measure the distance between the wall and the drain line opening if you have a floor-discharge drain line, or measure the distance between the floor and the drain line if you have a wall-discharge drain line.

There are also different attachment methods for toilets. You may choose a floor-mounted or wall-mounted toilet depending on the plumbing in your bathroom. If you have a floor-discharge drain line, you will need the floor-mounted model, and if you have a wall-discharge drain line, you will need a wall-mounted toilet. There are different types of flushing systems as well, but this part of the plumbing system is more a matter of personal preference, budget, and water-saving considerations.

Once you know the dimensions and type of attachment for the toilet that you should be shopping for, then you can consider what toilet height is more appropriate for your needs. A higher toilet might be more comfortable for senior citizens, and a short toilet might be more appropriate for young children in the house.

If you want a touch of luxury, there are also toilets with heated seats or motorized seats that lower automatically. Some toilets come with ceramic glazes that have special antibacterial properties, some have a built-in bidet and drying features, and some have insulation that prevents condensation. It�s all up to your budget and preferences.

Double Bathroom Vanities are Perfect for Couples

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If you are shopping for bathroom vanities for a new home where you and your partner will be living together, you may want to consider a double vanity that will accommodate both of you with dual sinks. Double vanities are the ideal answer for any couple who will be sharing a bathroom. When you both have plenty of counter space and your own sink to use to get ready in the morning or wash up at night, you won�t have to fight over who gets to use the bathroom first.

Not only are double bathroom vanities convenient for couples, they also provide a stately elegance to the bathroom that is just not possible with a small single vanity. If you have a large master bathroom with a whirlpool tub and separate shower, a single vanity would just look out of place. An elegant double vanity looks perfect in a larger bathroom, and there are many stylish materials to choose from, such as natural stone countertops and fine finished wood cabinets.

Double bathroom vanities also offer the benefit of added storage, which is always an issue in the bathroom whether you live by yourself, with roommates, with your partner, or with an entire family. Most of us could easily continue filling our bathrooms with toiletries, towels, cosmetics, blow dryers, styling tools, electric razors, and other items. With double the cabinet and drawer space, these larger bathroom vanities help you keep your bathroom more organized and provide a spot to store items so they are out of sight.

Any couple planning to live together should consider installing one of these double bathroom vanities. They provide the convenience of dual sinks, the elegance of a grand design, and the benefit of added storage for all your necessities.

Elegant Freestanding Bathtubs

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There are so many different bathtubs to choose from, but few are as elegant and timeless as the freestanding bathtub. When you think of a stylish Victorian era home where the lady of the house pampered herself, you probably think of freestanding�� claw-foot bathtubs with ornate brass fixtures. Or when you think of an oriental spa with luxurious warm-water bathing, you might imagine one of the Japanese freestanding tubs that allow the bather to soak up to their neck. Freestanding bathtubs can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your home.

The modern selections of freestanding bathtubs might seem daunting once you start to look at just how many are out there, but simply thinking about the d�cor you are trying to achieve in your bathroom will help narrow it down. There are freestanding bathtubs that are inspired by traditional Japanese, modern European, classic French, and archetypal American bathing facilities. If you have a modern home you might prefer freestanding bathtubs based on European styling, for example. There are contemporary bathtubs with clean lines made of stainless steel box beam frames covered with acrylic, and just about any other modern look you can think of.

When it comes to antique-style freestanding tubs, the sky is really the limit.� Claw-foot and slipper tubs that are styled to look like the bathing facilities of bygone eras can help you achieve beautiful results in a vintage home. A modern bathtub would look out of place in a Victorian home, but an antique-replica�� claw-foot tub with ornate detailing would fit in just fine.

Freestanding bathtubs are getting a lot of attention these days because they offer unsurpassed elegance and style. If you�re shopping for a new tub, one of these timeless bathtubs might just be ideal for you.

Factors to Consider When Shooping for Bathroom Mirrors

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The right bathroom mirrors can do so much: make the room look larger, taller, and more stylish, and make the space more functional as well. The mirror in your bathroom provides a functional tool to make sure you look your best, and it provides an opportunity to make your bathroom look its best. The problem is that there are hundreds if not thousands of bathroom mirrors out there to choose from. So how do you find the right one for your bathroom?

The first step when shopping for bathroom mirrors is to measure the space you have available, and see what range of sizes would even fit into the area above your sink. You also want to consider whether the mirror you choose will compliment the floor area of the room. If you buy a mirror that is too large for a small room and a small home, it will only look awkward and make the room look smaller. But if you put some lighting over an appropriately sized mirror, you can make the room look larger. An oval mirror can make the room look taller.

There are many different bathroom mirrors on the market, so you will want to choose one with a design that is appropriate for your current d�cor or the style that you are trying to achieve in a redesign. If you have a Victorian home, go for an antique-replica mirror. If you like the modern look, go for a sleek mirror with clean lines. There are wood frames, metal frames, frosted glass frames, and many other options to choose from. You can even get a mirror with a plain frame and decorate it yourself.

The one other factor you will need to consider is your budget�of course you don�t want to break the bank to get a mirror you love. There should be plenty of great options that come in under budget.

Find Inspiration in Bathroom Vanities

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There are so many bathroom vanities to choose from, it may seem a bit intimidating at first. The choice will be easier, though, if you first choose a theme or overall design for your bathroom. Then you can select the vanity that best coordinates with your style and fits into the space you have available, all while coming in under budget.

If you have a Victorian or craftsman-style home, an antique vanity might be the best choice for you because the style goes along with what is already built into your home. There are bathroom vanities created with all the modern features but designed to look like the furnishings of bygone eras. These are most often made of wood with beautiful ornate details covering every inch of the surface, including the fixtures on the drawers or cabinets. Marble countertops look especially decadent on antique-replica vanities, although budget can be a consideration.

Traditional bathroom vanities are ideal if you have a home built in the last 40 to 50 years and a restrained sense of style. Traditional vanities may be made from wood, metal, or ceramic with the traditional square cabinetry and mirror, which can be attached to the vanity or hung on the wall.

Modern-style bathroom vanities have taken the styles of the past and updated them with the clean lines and minimalist designs of the contemporary European aesthetic. These vanities are often made from light metals or accented with frosted glass and fixtures of brushed nickel. Modern bathroom vanities also tend to have very creative lighting schemes that highlight the person looking in the mirror. Unique features such as wall-hung designs, open shelving, and vessel sink basins are also common in modern vanities.

There are many eclectic bathroom vanities as well, such as western styles or Asian designs inspired by very specific locales and themes. So find some inspiration, and choose a vanity to take your bathroom there.

Space Saving Corner Bathtubs

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Bathtubs are important fixtures in every home, but unfortunately we don�t all have space for large and luxurious tubs in our bathrooms. But you�re still in luck if you are looking for a bathtub that will save space without skimping on comfort and style. You can get the look and feel of an expansive modern bathroom and provide the perfect place for you and your loved ones to relax in peace and quiet with a corner tub.

Corner bathtubs offer dual space saving properties because they take up less room on the floor and the wall, so you still have enough space in the bathroom without getting cramped. While a freestanding bathtub will take up a huge portion of the floor space in the middle of the room and leave corners of the room virtually unusable, a corner tub will use the least amount of space possible. And with a space saving toilet and a wall-mounted vanity with open shelving, you can have all the luxuries of a modern bathroom without overstuffing or cluttering the room.

You can find corner bathtubs made from all the traditional tub materials in styles that coordinate with virtually any d�cor. They are conveniently set into the corner, often underneath a window, to attract attention and complete the overall look of the bathroom. Some come in curved shapes and others in angled shapes, so it�s easy to find a bathtub that goes with the shape and style of your bathroom.

Corner bathtubs offer the benefits of a built-in design, easier cleaning, shelving to hold necessary bath items, space for two, and other options, such as adjoining vanities or cabinets. It is truly possible to save space without giving up any of the modern luxuries you expect in a bathtub by installing a corner tub.

Simple Bathroom Design Ideas for a Weekend Makeover

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If your bathroom is not the relaxing haven you want it to be, you could probably use a few bathroom design ideas to help get it into the shape you desire. If your bathroom has become more about utility than style, it is not too late. There are many ways to revamp this space into the spa-like retreat you desire.

It doesn�t matter if the bathroom you�re redesigning is small or large, there are plenty of creative bathroom design ideas to inspire a whole new look. You may want to start by reading some design magazines to get ideas to plan your own look. Next, make sure the room is clean and fresh, which may mean simply replacing some tiles or adding a fresh coat of paint. Then you can take your inspiration and start adding all the unique touches that will make the room special.

There are numerous bathroom design ideas to get you started�perhaps you want to use an ocean theme, or take inspiration from the jungle, or just center the design on a favorite color or geometric pattern. It�s up to you. You can find items that coordinate with your chosen look, such as shower curtains, framed artwork, towels, lotion dispensers, decorative soaps, and candles. You might even take some photos of the sunset at your favorite beach and frame them to go along with your ocean theme, for example.

The cleaning, painting, and retiling will be the hardest part of the bathroom redesign, but those tasks can easily be completed in one weekend with time left to go purchase all your new accessories and put together some personal touches. Then all you have to do is enjoy your new bathroom and all the serenity it offers.

Pick the Perfect Bathroom Vanitites for Your Home

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It used to be that bathroom vanities were all pretty standard, and there were only a few choices of single and double sink vanities when you went to your home renovation store. But now there are so many bathroom vanities on the market that you can create any kind of look and infuse style into even the smallest of spaces. This is very beneficial, but it can also make it harder to pinpoint the vanity that is just right for your desired effect. As long as you consider all the necessary factors, though, you�ll be able to find the ideal vanity for your bathroom.

The amount of space you have and your budget will be the first important factors to consider when shopping for bathroom vanities. This will eliminate the vanities that are too large, too small, and too expensive right away. At this point, you should then consider what kind of cabinetry you prefer. There are traditional under-the-sink wooden cabinets with sliding drawers, wall-hung cabinets or shelves, open shelving units on the floor, and other variations on these models such as the corner unit, which slides perfectly into a corner to save space.

Now that you�ve figured out the basics, you can focus more on the style that you prefer. This decision should be largely based on the style of d�cor you already have or the look you are trying to achieve with a redesign. There are many different styles of bathroom vanities to choose from, such as French country, classic American, modern European, Asian inspired, and many others. Some have ornate carvings, others have clean lines, and others have bold colors. Once you know the amount of space you have to work with, how much money you have to spend, and what kind of cabinets you prefer, the style choice shouldn�t be too hard. Just go with what you like best, and you�re sure to pick a winner.

Use Bathroom Mirrors to Enhance Your Bathroom

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The choices of bathroom mirrors on the market can be daunting, but with a little thought and inspiration you can easily choose the right mirror for your bathroom. With a well-placed and attractive mirror, you can open up the bathroom, and make it look larger and brighter. It might seem like a small detail, but the mirror can truly add a designer�s touch and can pull the whole bathroom design together.

When you are choosing from the huge selection of bathroom mirrors in an online store, a warehouse, or a boutique retailer, you will need to find one that is not only functional but that is also aesthetically appealing. You will also want to choose a mirror that fits into the space you have above your sink without looking too big or too small compared to the bathroom size and other furnishings in the room. And you will want to find a mirror with a decorative frame that coordinates with the vanity, cabinets, linen closet, or other major furniture items that will be around it.

Bathroom mirrors should also be chosen with functional planning in mind, so you should consider placing a cabinet nearby. A medicine chest mirror is a great way to get both a mirror and some storage space. It is a great choice when the space is limited and storage is scarce in the bathroom.

To allow people of different heights to see themselves without bending over or standing on their tiptoes, bathroom mirrors should be positioned accordingly. And if you position it the right way, the mirror can even make a small bathroom look much larger, especially if you mount lights directly above to add more reflection to the room. An oval mirror can even make a bathroom look taller.

By following these simple tips, your new mirror can do wonders for your bathroom.

Style Makes a Difference with Modern Toilets

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Although toilets are often overlooked when people redesign their bathroom, these functional plumbing devices can actually make a big difference in the style of the room. Other bathroom fixtures such as designer sinks, antique stand-alone bathtubs, Jacuzzis, steam showers, and elegant vanities tend to steal the show. But once you see your bathroom after installing a stylish new toilet, you might just be surprised at the impact it creates.

It makes perfect sense to pay attention to the toilets you install in your home�these are some of the most often used fixtures in the house. It gives peace of mind to have a toilet that works well and offers a low-flush option to conserve water. It�s also nice to have a toilet with an aesthetic appeal that blends with the design of your bathroom. By simply adding a new toilet to your bathroom, you can increase functionality and provide a great deal of style to the d�cor.

There are many different types of toilets to choose from, and they are not all white and made from porcelain. Some fine-furnishing connoisseurs even install marble or granite toilets in their homes, but if your budget doesn�t allow for expensive natural stones, you might like a toilet outfitted with chrome or stainless for a modern home or one in an antique style in a color to match your d�cor. Seat shape and size also come in a variety of choices to go with toilet bowls that can either be round or elongated. The round ones are smaller and more suitable for space-saving areas, but if you have the room, elongated seats are another option. Elongated toilet seats are about two inches longer and provide more surface area for comfort.

So next time you�re thinking of giving your bathroom a new look, consider adding a new toilet. The style and comfort it adds to the room just might surprise you.

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